Supply of adapted tools to your installations

Handling tool

BH2M is able to design and perform all necessary tools used to handle each component of the hydro generators.
Some examples related to our handling tools realizations:

  • Rotor and stator handling beams
  • Turbine and generator shafts turn-over tool for vertical/horizontal positionning
  • Pole handling and lifting tool in vertical and horizontal position (rotor poles turn-over)
  • Shaft line components handling, bearing thrust pads, ...

All handling and Lifting tools will be provided with user manuals and certifications according regulations in force.

Set-up tools

BH2M offers you to design and perform your set-up tools used for hydro generators rotor and stator assembly.
Some examples related to our set-up tools realizations:

  • Rotor rim stacking and tightening
  • Magnetic core laminations stacking, key-bars and stirrups positionning, …
  • Stator bars temporay wedging