BH2M is able to provide new generators and to replace partially or in totality existing electrical machines by customizing the electrical and mechanical design according to operating conditions and efficiency required.

For new and refurbishment projects, BH2M is addressing the complete scope of generators, from the electrical and mechanical phases up to the supply and installation of components (Magnetic core, poles, stator winding, etc...).
The generator design is performed according to operating conditions (Voltage, output, inertia, power factor, etc…) and ensures a high level of efficiency.

Our teams have several numerical and reengineering tools enabling to offer a customized generator fully integrated with turbine, Civil works, BoP and SCADA. We can also offer optional systems in order to improve the operability and the performance of our generators: Dust suction system (braking and brush holder), oil mist suction, injection for thrust bearing or monitoring systems (Vibrations, partial discharges, air gap, etc…).