Instrumentation & Monitoring

Instrumentation supply or replacement

From a basic sensors replacement to a complete instrumention rework , BH2M covers the full scope of services to optimize your monitoring installations.
According to your technical specifications, your technology choice and your SCADA, our experts will define the most appropriated solution and will suggest you different types of equipments as well as all drawings and related documents.

Supply examples:

  • Partial or complete sets of instrumentation
    (Temperature, pressure, flow, level, water in oil detection, etc ...) installed in different parts on generator and turbine
  • Apparatus sets installed in auxiliary systems
    (Braking systems, Cooling systems, HP oil injection system, etc...)
  • Cubicle sets and electrical terminal boxes fully equiped
  • P&ID, wiring diagrams, installation drawings, functional description and sequences, ...

Specific monitoring system installation

In order to extend the rotating machines lifetime, BH2M offers complete supervision solutions.
Our expertise in this field allows us to supply very efficient supervision systems suitable to several machine configurations and
SCADA solutions available on the market.

System examples:

  • Vibrations monitoring (relatives et absolutes)
  • Air gap monitoring
  • Partial discharges monitoring
  • Rotor temperature monitoring

Our team already demonstrated its skills by implementing such monitoring systems on hydro generators & turbines.