Grounding system

Grounding system supply, replacement or installation

Whether for Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) operations of the generator in order to protect the technical staff, for the grounding of the generator shaft in order to protect the bearings or for the general earthing of the generator units, BH2M is able to carry out personalized studies, supply parts or complete systems and installing them on your machines.

Services examples:

  • Addition of grounding points:
    Simplification and security of units LOTO processes before interventions maintenance or repair staff (supply of insulators, ground bars, cables, connection points, clamps,...).
  • Installing a shaft grounding brush (dual):
    Protection against damage of the bearing pads on the non-turbine side that may be caused by circulating shaft currents
  • General grounding of the generator:
    Interconnection of metalic parts of the generator and connection to the earthing points of the plant (bracket, stator frame, floor, covers,...)